PSAPc (PSAPcalltaker)

A solution for PSAP call takers that eliminates the need for legacy or proprietary CPE

Click here for a complete call taker software demonstration. Make sure to watch the complete video for both native text (IM, SMS etc.) and video integration!

Our vision is for the call takers to not just be able to answer the calls of today but to have a platform that allows for the ability to process new means of future emergency communications and multimedia data.

We believe in a model where the call routing and logic (LoST and ESRP), along with all necessary PSAP functionality (PSAPd, conference server, media server) reside in the Public Safety Operations Center (PSOC).

The PSAPs call taking workstation can run on a variety of operating system platforms and hardware configurations. A current Java enabled web browser is all that is needed to make the station “live” for i3 compliant call handling. The workstation and client provide a single point of access for call takers to view all essential data related to routing or dispatching the call appropriately.

The client supports the receipt and processing of 9-1-1 calls from a variety of originating devices including voice, text, video and images. All calls are presented in a consistent way regardless of call type, communication method or device used.

Our design provides a standardized placement and presentation of essential information and media content (such as images, text or video) along with a standard set of controls to interact with the multimedia data. The client can run on a single monitor but two physical displays are recommended- one for the PSAPc display and one for the mapping display.

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Emergent's PSAPc includes the following functionally:

  • Clear and meaningful screen presentation to process a variety of call types: telephone, text messages, video, images, and telematics data.
  • Interoperability with leading 9-1-1 industry mapping companies.
  • Instant record and recall (IRR) function for all call takers.
  • Automatic call management and telephony functions: call forwarding, transfer and call conferencing tools.
  • Embedded links to supplementary materials: interrogation questions, SOPs, FAQs, help and training materials.
  • Click for Call Taker Software Demo